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Music platform, artist and event management based in Mannheim Germany established in 2021 Supporting emerging and affirmed internationals artists from the electronic-techno panorama.

Antic Soul

German duo with an affection for deep dark rhythms, groovy dub chords, and mesmerising sound scapes.

Lukas Dos Pasos

a DJ, electronic producer, and vocalist based in Mannheim, Germany


Greek DJ producer owner of sub reaction that is combining mysterious atmospheres with groovy drums and deep stabs and always exploring new ways to stimulate the minds


Ukrainian DJ based in Berlin, Cadih´s sound and style speak for itself: a fast-paced dancefloor music, blending energetic ravy tracks with playful trance-melodies aiming to make listeners dive into their deepest emotions

Social Media

Here are some vibes from @strichka_festival discovered by marvelous collaboration of and @closerkiev 🖤

Diversity, freedom, art and music this words can describe the opening summer ceremony named Strichka Festival🙌🏻
This year it will take place on Ribbon Factory which is an unique area for club Closer as a main dance floor. However, to impress you more - there are 7 different dance floors, with different music, energy and people inside it. 
The festival will be held on 23-24 of May starting from early Saturday and finishing by early morning in Monday (however, we r not sure so you would better take a vacation 😅) Ticket price vary from 50-60€, although it worth it 🖤

Greetings from Ukraine and see you here, techno lovers 🤘🏻 Credits: @_artinmusic

Sophienstraße 18, 68165 Mannheim


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