Berlin, Germany

Driven by their shared passion, creating emotion through electronic music, the German duo Antic Soul merged in 2019 to share their vision of electronic music with the world. Antic Soul has an affection for deep dark rhythms, groovy dub chords, and mesmerising sound scapes. With their powerful All Night Long Sets at Clubs like Loft Club Ludwigshafen, Antic Soul proved many times how to create a long-lasting vibe and distinctive club experience.

This year Antic Soul had their debut release on their very own project entourage concept in the shape of a various artist compilation besides nine other artists, both newcomers and well-established names in the scene.

The entourage concept is a digital venue by and for the grassroots creative community. Our digital space will serve as a streaming and experimental gathering space. A place where audio and visual artists can collaborate and inspire one another. It's a community in which each individual can and should develop freely. It's a community with room for all — not caring about gender, origin, sexual preference, or any other label which aims to keep people inside a box. Instead, our identities often influence our sounds and journeys and teach us lessons in life and music. Ultimately, they created a platform which allows them to release music in various formats and to connect with artists around the globe.

Besides that, in 2021 the duo released their first EP on Stuttgarts underground label Schimmer records, which combined dub techno with deep atmospheres and fast grooves


Sophienstraße 18, 68165 Mannheim


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